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About Leah Bullen:

Leah Bullen is the author and illustrator of the Where We Grow book series. An enduring love of children and their potential prompted her to create this series with the hope of inspiring them to explore people from cultures different than their own, and to nurture openness, acceptance, and curiosity.

The mother of three grown children, Bullen lives in Northern California with her husband and big dog Bode, a rambunctious toddler. Her hobbies include painting watercolors, hiking the surrounding hillsides, golfing, and practicing yoga to fill her spare time.

Leah Bullen

Artist's Statement:

I have children, who are now grown, and I believe that part of what has made them successful and balanced young adults was listening to stories read out loud from a very young age.

Regular reading aloud to young children establishes a bond that transcends a child's development in ways not normally considered. The act of having a regular reading time for children can give children a true sense of grounding and security. (My husband and I always read to our kids about an hour before bedtime, and we made the reading both entertaining as well as one of physical closeness). Reading books aloud to children also gives them the opportunity to practice their reading and ask questions in a non-threatening environment.

Some of my most favorite authors to read to children are Roald Dahl and E.B. White. These authors have such a knack for humor as well as reality, and subtly conveying moral values without proselytizing. I too, would like children to learn from my stories that everyone goes through difficult times in our lives — we are all the same in that, regardless of where we live or where we grew up — and learning to navigate those times with creativity and strength is part of growing into successful adulthood.

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