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About The Series:

The Where We Grow

This series is designed to introduce culture and foster kindness as a way of life. This series opens with three stories of girls from three different cultures: The Story of Gigi from France, the Story of Gabriella from Mexico, and the Story of Zara from Iran. Each is meant to inspire children to explore people from cultures different than their own, and to approach that learning with an openness, acceptance, and curiosity. The Where We Grow series is also intended to serve as a tool to help children begin thinking about their own cultural customs. The Workbook is designed to be a guide for children to explore how they see themselves in the world, and to think about their future. It may also become a meaningful keepsake.

The inspiration for the Where We Grow series came Bullen's childhood, and a series her mother had read to her about children from around world. Bullen's mother read the little series to her children, and then her grandchildren, sharing her love of culture and deep sense of global community for over 30 years. Bullen decided to modernize the little series. She feels that now more than ever, it is important to recognize that although we have different customs around the world, the values we share and the hopes and desires we hold for ourselves and our family are very similar. In a time filled with misunderstanding, stereotypes, and hate, Bullen hopes that the Where We Grow series might make a small contribution towards fostering kindness as a way of life.

“The Story Of Gigi“ Book Cover

The Story of Gigi

Gigi is a little girl from France. She loves much of what France is well-known for: perfume, the game of boule, eclairs. Most of all, she adores macarons. Filled with watercolor images of Gigi with her favorite things, french art, and architecture, The Story of Gigi is ultimately a story of building bridges between cultures. When Gigi's family moves away from France, Gigi is filled with emotional trepidation. As do many children faced with entering a new school, learning a new language, and navigating a different culture, Gigi finds a unique, surprising, and very french way to make friends, and flourish in a new country.

The Story of Gabriella

Gabriella is a little girl living in Mexico. Her story opens with watercolor images of Mexico's glorious beaches, artwork, music, and well-known traditions. When Gabriella has a party celebrating her seventh birthday, she helps a shy friend meet others and overcome her insecurities. Images of the children playing the game of pinata bring the story to its culmination.

“The Story Of Gabriella“ Book Cover

“The Story of Zara“ Book Cover

The Story of Zara

Zara is a little girl from Iran. The pages open with watercolor drawings of mosaics on the Golestan Palace and the Imam Mosque, ornate carpets and ancient ruins. Zara is a soccer player, and wears the hijab. On the holiday of Noe-Rooz, Zara takes a walk to the river and there encounters a boy playing marbles. When conflict with an older boy ensues, Zara steps in, which points her towards what will ultimately become her profession.